Thursday, April 10, 2008

Snoopy Chronicles

As you may have heard before, Snoopy has been a big part of our family for quite some time. I searched through all my pictures tonight to see if I could find the very first time Snoopy had his picture made. This one was taken when Bailey was about 7 months old. I had no idea then what Snoopy would become to Bailey!
About the time Bailey started to walk a little, Snoopy became like his best friend. This was taken on his first birthday while I played with the bubble pig Jen Whis gave him for his birthday.
Six months later, Snoopy got to do lots of travelling and even had to help us get ready for the Fall Festival.

A few months later, Snoopy could be found resting while Bailey watched his favorite preschool cartoons. Even a few months ago, Snoopy was a devoted nap taker and good at taking abuse from Bailey.

After nearly 3 years of undying friendship and even overcoming the possibility of being replaced by the likes of Thomas and Mack, Snoopy took a trip to school and didn't return home. You can only imagine my sorrow. We searched the room and couldn't find Snoopy and still haven't found Snoopy! I waited and waited and Bailey would occasionally say "Snooey at Schoo." He didn't seem too phased by his loss, but Mommy was. At other points in our journey with Snoopy, I've almost purchased a new one, but they get expensive on Ebay and that's about the only place I can find him. Then last week, I found one that was significantly cheaper on a Buy It Now so I bought it! And here he is! Bailey was delighted to have his new clean Snoopy and though he doesn't need him near as much as he once did, there's some degree of comfort in knowing Snoopy is just a few feet away. Maybe that's just mommy feeling comforted! Snoopy will always be a treasured part of our family!


GE is me said...

Aaawwww! I'm amazed that no one at school found Snoopy. Either that or they decided to make Snoopy come live at their house.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope the new Snoopy comes to visit us in South Carolina. We were all attached to Snoopy especially at bed time.


Jen Dub-ya said...

Since I am hundreds of miles away from you whacking me -- poor Snoopy was prolly ready for the retirement dog park - I would wash the poor lil' mutt every time his ketchup stained nose entered my house - but I must confess, germ-ridden as he was - I'll miss him, too. Poor Bay and mommy.

3boys247 said...

That was so sweet. I am sorry the orignal snoopy has been lost, congratulations on finding an accepted replacement.

Peggy said...

Very cute! I understand about the "mommy attachment." I think my kids have a lot of things that I'm more attatched to than they are!

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