Saturday, April 12, 2008

Life is a Treadmill

Do you ever feel like your life is like a treadmill and you never ever reach your destination? I feel that way all the time, especially when I'm on the treadmill!

I was a runner - once - for a very short period of time! I have one 5K under my belt. I started running because the guy I was dating had started running and I thought I would run, too, and we could do it together. After our first race together and the loss of my breakfast on Main St in Downtown Greenville, I decided running may not be for me afterall. About this time, I discovered the elliptical machine. The first time the guy I was dating introduced me to the elliptical, he about killed me, pushing me to resistances and speeds that I couldn't really attain! After that, I took control and did what I knew I could do. I was growing bored with the treadmill so the elliptical was a good alternative for me!

Running was a great weight loss tool for me. I've always been a little pudgy and decided that by my wedding day, I wanted to weigh 135. The only day the scale has ever said 135 was on the morning of my wedding. Miracles do happen and I think that scale was rigged so I would feel like I had attained that goal on that very special day of my life. I did pretty well staying with in a pound or two of that 135 for the first year of our marriage, at least until I found out I was pregnant and my life and body have never been the same.

Now, over a year after child #2 was born, we've purchased a treadmill of our own. Purchasing the thing is a story in itself. As you know, nothing in my life never goes smoothly or as should happen. Treadmill #1 purchased at Sears never showed up and then 2 weeks after we paid for it, they tell us it might be backordered! How can something possibly be backordered and why can't they tell you that from the get go? So we took our receipt back to Sears and got them to refund our money and took our business elsewhere. We ended up at Sports Authority and they had a treadmill by the same maker in a different model for $100 less than the original treadmill paid for, but never received at Sears. They had 1 in stock so we bought it. Of course, it wouldn't fit in our van and so we had to 'return' or unpay for the treadmill and have them hold it until the next day so we could figure out how to get the seat to come out of the van.

The treadmill has been in our dining room for about a week now and so far I've walked 9.5 miles. My personal trainer, guy I was dating from above, my husband or LT or Jake, says my goal is between 12 and 15 miles this week. Looks like I've got some miles to walk today! I still think the treadmill is ultra boring, but at least at home I can hold the remote control and flip channels while I walk. Eventually, I'll be a runner again.

My personal trainer says now that we own our own treadmill marathons are going to become a family affair! It's okay to laugh out loud at that statement - I did! Maybe one day I can get the scale to say 135 again, too!


Nikki said...

YOU GO GIRL!!! Walk for me while your watching a Lifetime Movie=)

3boys247 said...

Congratulations on your purchase and your determination!

This may not sound fun, but take your body measurements. This will help you keep going if the scale doesn't say what you want. The loss of inches will be rewarding too.

Good Luck!

Grammy said...

You should wear a pedometer. I'll bet you walk more miles than Jake does just chasing the boys and going up stairs. My scale says 135twice every time I step on it. Once going up and again going back down!!

GE is me said...

Nice comment, grammy! You must not have a digital scale!
Jen, keep up the great work & keep on walking. I started working out a week or so ago, but haven't been able to be consistent. So hopefully come tomorrow, we'll start again & be able to be consistent.
Trust me our tread mill is in the living room & it definitely helps to be able to watch tv.
God Bless, -Gail

Nikki said...

Oh....I tagged you to continue another thing that X-Box wife looped me into. See my blog under "7 Randoms" Tag, you're it!

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