Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ten Things Tuesday

1) Getting to watch Bailey pull around his plug and play Thomas TV controller around the house like it's a dog on a leash. He has no idea how to really play the game, so this is a good solution!

2) Seeing Bailey get out of the hair cut chair last night after not being an overly cooperative client, rub his head and excitedly say "I got haicut."

3) The $1 Popcorn Drink deal at the Target Snack bar and the employee there who put my popcorn into 2 bags so both children could have their own. It made the trip to Target very peaceful!

4) Having a key in the mail box for the box where they put boxes! We had 2 boxes today - one for mommy and daddy and one for Bailey and Mavvy.

5) Knowing my children will never be naked because all their grandparents love to buy them clothing!

6) Anticipation of our big trip to SC a week from Thursday! Bailey says "Go see GG and PawPaw" just about every time we get in the car. I've told him that he has to go to sleep a few more nights before we fly in the plane so he responds "gotta go back to bed." He says that to Maverick anytime he wants to do a puzzle that he knows Maverick will destroy, too.

7) Yeah Tax Returns and Paid off Credit Cards!!!

8) Answered prayers - I asked my friend in SC to pray that Jake would get to take Command of his battery until the end of the summer and it happened! I almost cried when he told me because I knew that God had done it! It's unheard of for a 2nd LT to be trusted with a Battery Command for any period of time. This is a major plus for his career!

9) Benadryl for a good night's sleep. I haven't slept well for quite a while and decided this weekend that I had to do something to get some sleep at night so for now it's Benadryl! My mind just races with all that I know I need to do and can't do anything about at 3:30 in the morning!!

10) Knowing God's in control no matter how it seems the world is falling apart around me.


Anonymous said...

I love 6, 8 & 9. I am glad he is getting to come see GG & Paw. I am very proud of my son and Paw and I are hooked on Benedryl at night. It is a great nights sleep with no hangover. See you in 9 days!!


Nikki said...

Amen for the tax return sista, however I am still on the lookout for Bush's surplus money. Now, where is that mailman?!?!? See you soon, YEAH!!!!!!!

Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife said...

Hey! I tagged you ~ it’s an EASY one! You can find it in “Two-fer For Tuesday!” on my blog.

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