Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ten Things

1) Not needing a new brake job!

2) Happy Hour at Sonic!

3) My new treadmill!

4) Hope and Peace in the midst of great transition!

5) How Great is our God!

6) Being able to rest in the fact that God already knows my todays and tomorrows!

7) Waking up early to drop the hub off for his field trip to AZ!

8) Looking forward to pizza with friends!

9) The smell of clothes washed in Wisk!

10) Starbucks gift cards!

Can you list 10 things you're grateful for today? Join the fun with Xbox wife!


Nikki said...

Yeah, I am stoked about going to tomorrow's last practice round in Augusta. Tell the hub I will e-mail him some pics of my precious Sergio=) I am all about your #10, and do tell about your #3??? Awesome girl!

Karen said...

I think some of those cancel out #3:)

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