Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wow Wow Wednesday

I'm going to try a new idea here on Wade's World and hopefully I can keep up with it.

If most of my blogger friends are like me, you go to a friend's blog and checkout all the blogs on their blogroll. Some interest you, some don't. Sometimes you randomly find a blog belonging to someone you know but didn't know they had a blog. That happened to me a few weeks ago when some how I stumbled across
Janelle Hartsfield's blog, who is the wife of a friend from my youth group days in Bellmead. So now I can keep up with Heath's family!

Today I took a chance on
Nikki's blog and went to Blogging Basics from her Blogroll and from there ended up at Scribbits - A blog about motherhood in Alaska. I've taken a little bit of time browsing and think that I could be friends with this stranger! She's a mother of 4, a musician and this month is even posting organizing tips!

So on this first installment of Wow Wow Wednesday - check out my site find of the week,
Scribbits! Bloggers may particularly like her post about housecleaning your blog.

For fun, tell me what your favorite blogs are that you've stumbled upon!


GE is me said...

Well, let me see, this one! for starters, your mom's(when she posts), the 4 ladies of recipeasy, your bff, Jen Whis, I found from you too., perrynoble.blogspot, joesangl.blogspot & lastly, but certainly not least is & her other site In fact I highly recommend you & Jen W. check out marriagehacks- I think you could be a valuable asset to the site.
Sorry so long winded. Most of them I like for the Godly advice they dispense, but some are outright funny!

Karen said... - great one! and

Scribbit said...

So if you're ever up this way we'll go to lunch :) Though I hope the friendship wouldn't depend on my musician's skills . . . :)

Nikki said...

Law have mercy....isn't a riot where our little clicks of the mouse lead us to in this great big cyberworld!! Unbelievable. Hey I loaded my Masters slideshow, tell Jake to take a peek...."I will not covet, I will not covet, I will not covet...."

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