Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Jon and Kate Kind of Day

Last night, while LT was out doing a night mission with the PVTs, I did a little bit of work in our bedroom. You can't tell I did much. I changed out some seasonal clothes in the closet and cleaned out one of our nightstands. For my cleaning entertainment, I watched a Jon and Kate Plus 8 marathon.

One of the episodes I saw, the little kids all had some sort of stomach bug so Kate was cleaning all the puked on laundry. I could identify because we went through that here about 6 months ago. Well, my time came again. At about 3am, I heard Bailey walking down the stairs sort of mumbling. He came into our bedroom and walked to LTs side of the bed and discovered he wasn't me and said 'No' and made his way to my side of the bed. I reached out to touch him and I stuck my hand in throw up residue on his shirt. I immediately got out of bed to begin the clean up process. Thankfully, right as LT got home last night, I was changing a load of laundry from the washer to dryer so the washer was empty, ready for my puked on load! He never acted like he felt bad. As a matter of fact, he turned on a Thomas video in his room and just started playing with trains like it was time to wake up. Eventually, he came and got in bed with me and slept for about 2 more hours.

Another of the episodes, Kate had a
Tumblebus come to her house for her kids to try out as an option when the weather got too cold to play outside. I really thought it was a great concept. A Tumblebus is like a playground on wheels. That's not something I ever thought I'd see in El Paso. How wrong could I be? As I was leaving the church today, there was a Tumblebus parked in the parking lot full of kids from Daycare Junction. I about fell out. I've searched for a local number or website for Tumblebus and haven't found one! I'm going to have to do a little more research and maybe I'll have the Tumblebus come to an event or party!

I feel like every day is a Jon and Kate kind of day and I only have 2 diaper butts! I've obviously watched way too much Jon and Kate recently.

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Grammy said...

Claudia and I have been watching Jon & Kate at the beach this week, too. I liked the valentine show. Can you just imagine 6 Baileys getting in bed with you at 3 am!!

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