Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wow Wow Wednesday

This week's website was discovered a few weeks ago when I was in need of replacement straws for our Playtex Cups. Since my electricity is taken care of when they deduct our housing allowance each month, I always use the heated drying option on our dishwasher. Unfortunately, the heating mechanisms have melted about 3 of our straws for these cups, rendering the cups pretty much useless!

I wasn't real sure where I could get them locally and since shopping with Bailey and Maverick is always an event, I decided to take my search online. After one Google, I found and found a pack of 6 of my straws for less than it would cost me to replace the cups completely, even after paying shipping. I purchased them and have 3 spare straws ready should my dishwasher decide to melt any more straws.

After looking at Teebop a little bit today, I've decided it could be called the Big Lots of the Web. They have a variety of products that they sell in limited quantities. Some of the products are things you can't find at your normal grocery store, but could probably stumble upon at Big Lots like Tussy Deodorant and Prell Shampoo. I can't remember the last time I saw a bottle of Prell. It was probably in my grandmama's shower and she probably bought it at Big Lots! Too bad they don't carry furniture.

Apparently Teebop also runs, too. Browse some of their different categories and I'm sure you'll see something you've not seen in a quite a while.

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