Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ten Things Tuesday

1) A car that started with no issues today. Jake had to replace my battery and some electrical thing last night because the van wouldn't start when I was getting ready to leave the church yesterday. Thank the Lord for our facilities guy and his nifty little jumper cable contraption.
2) More changes in our assignment plans.
3) God's provisions for all of our needs in more than abundant ways.
4) Knowing Bailey really enjoys his friends at school because he doesn't want to leave when I go pick him up.
5) Playing Ring Around the Rosey with Bailey Again and Again. He likes to fall down at about the 'pocket full of posey' part!
6) A cute blonde haired blue eyed boy who is constantly sabotaging his big brother's toys.
7) Anticipating a very productive Wednesday. I've got a list of errands a mile long!
8) The mountain of dirty laundry we have that proves we have far too many pieces of clothing.
9) Being introduced to a new mexican restaurant here in EP.
10) Knowing the weekend is only 3 days away!

1 comment:

Jed said...

I just want you to know that I busted out laughing at about the Bailey falls down somewhere around pocket full of poseys... im still laughing and i dont know why????

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