Monday, May 19, 2008

Wonders Never Cease

In the fall or maybe even last summer, we bought Bailey a Cars backpack with wheels. It was one of the best purchases ever and he is the cutest thing pulling it everywhere we go. However, it's been abused and has a couple of holes and tears in it. Last week I went on a mission to find him another backpack. I took him with me so he could pick one out for himself. At Target, he picked out a Thomas backpack with NO wheels. Until Saturday, it was just something we looked at. I had left the tags on thinking I might return it because my chances of getting him to wear a backpack are slim! Every time I've ever tried to get him to wear a backpack, he reacts like I'm trying to wrap him in a straight jacket! Really! He's that dramatic about it. In the store that day, he actually put it on his back and I almost fainted right there in Target!

Saturday, we were getting ready to go to Chick Fil A for dinner when he decided to put Mack and a Lightning McQueen in the new Thomas backpack. He willingingly put his arms through the straps and wore it. Again, absolute shock. I had to grab the camera to get a picture of this miraculous occasion.

Yesterday when LT was getting ready to bring the boys to church, Bailey, once again, willingly put the backpack on. He was super cute walking into church with it on. Of course, Jake had to snag some pictures, too.

Please celebrate this momentous occasion with us. Maybe by the time he's 7 we'll be celebrating the miracle of not wearing diapers any longer.

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Grammy said...

I have personally witnessed Bailey's reaction to a backpack and I am amazed to see these pictures. Way to go, Bailey.

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