Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ten Things Tuesday on Wednesday

1) Refrigerated Air Conditioning - Today's high temperature was 102! I can't imagine sleeping in our old house with the infamous swamp cooler. I laugh now to think that we lived a full, hot summer sweating with the swamp cooler.

2) Listening to Bailey sing the VBS theme song for this year. He mainly gets the last words of the lines, but wants to hear the song again and again.

3) Looking forward to the summer lineup of Reality TV - Next Food Network Star, Next Design Star, Sheer Genius and Tori and Dean!

4) Having the day off with no big plans other than a trip to the Commissary.

5) Going to bed before 10 last night. Too bad I'm up early this morning!

6) Snuggling with Bailey in the mornings. Bailey's started this thing where he comes and gets in bed with me when he wakes up. He pulls the blankets up over him and lets me put my arm around him for about 10 seconds before he decides he wants a granola bar! I take what I can get.

7) Swinging Maverick in his swing because it keeps him and Bailey from fighting with each other and keeps Bailey from showering him with dirt.

8) Trusting God to be in control of the transition we're going through at our church.

9) Being content staying in El Paso for another year - at this point - the Army could change it's mind by the end of the day, as has happened about 10 times in the past month! For now, I'm content with staying here.

10) Curbside trash pick up. I can hear the trash trucks outside right now so that reminded me how nice curbside trash pick up is! When I lived in Fort Mill while Jake was away at his training schools, we had to take our trash to the dumpster which for me was a difficult task being pregnant and having a 1 year old who wasn't cooperative on the short walk to the dumpster. Thankfully, God intervened and a friend came on Saturday's and took my trash. What's even wilder is that I never even saw him come get our trash!

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Nikki said...

Tori & Dean!!! I got hooked on this show last summer staying at Mom and Dad's at the beach. That was before we went high-speed with HD Digital cable which included the Bravo Network. I am so pumped about Season 2!! I saw her on tv the other night prego with numero dos!!! I asm still such a 90210-er!

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