Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wow Wow Wednesday

Many of you know that I'm terrible in the housekeeping and organization areas. Today's Wow Wow site has inspired me a little in the past couple of days to start tackling some of my problem areas. I'm an Organizing Junkie offers lots of helpful tips and articles on taking control of the stuff that overtakes our homes and our lives. Today I've cleaned out my pantry, under my kitchen sink and thrown away a bag full of expired condiments in my fridge. It was really gross to think how long some of those things had been expired. It also proves that we don't use half the stuff we had in there!

Another fun site for organizing stuff is
Real Simple. I signed up for a few free issues of Real Simple last year. Many of the articles and products in the magazine were way out of my budget! I still get a weekly email from them and it usually has an organization article in it. I downloaded a chart once that tells how often we should do some of the major cleaning in our homes. Please know that I've not made it far enough to actually keep with their schedule! To get your own copy of the chart, click here.

Maybe I'm getting more excited about cleaning because we're in the beginning stages of hiring someone to clean our house every other week. Because of our proximity to Mexico, housekeepers are relatively inexpensive which is the only reason I am even considering it. Jake wants her to iron his church clothes so that's a prerequisite to hiring her. I'll keep you posted on how all of that works out. I'm hoping being free from some of the every day cleaning that I'll get to tackle some projects like my closets and laundry room! Yikes!


Jen Dub-ya said...

Such a proud moment for you - for me - for the cleaners of the world everywhere - lol! I'm so glad somebody gets a cleaning lady! Although, I used to clean before and after my cleaning ladies when I worked...isn't that Miss you!

GE is me said...

Jen, have you gone to yet? She has a lot of good things to say. Don't know if she's a Christian, but she definitely has some Christian undertones. I have tried doing some of her stuff, but find myself not always disciplined enough at this point. Emily had her info on her site for awhile. I know she doesn't any more.
Also if you like Steven Curtis Chapman & his music, his family could use all the prayer they can get. See post from 5/21 on
God bless, -Gail

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