Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ten Things Tuesday

There are so many things that I could blog about, but since today is Tuesday, I'll stick with my 10 things and maybe squeeze in some of those other things as part of my list.

1) 2 Days of VBS down, 3 Days and a celebration night to go! Day 1 of VBS about made me wacky, but we made it through and no children were lost, misplaced or sent home with the wrong parents! It may be painful at times, but I'm learning a lot about this whole process.

2) Getting to host our friends, Jed and Matt, and hear a little SC twang yesterday. We had a great time chit chatting and reminiscing about people and professors we knew from our days at NGC. We gave them a grand tour of El Paso and enjoyed a Rudy's dinner. Yum!

3) Anticipating my new Vera bag! I took advantage of the Vera Bradley sale last week and ordered myself a new bag and some gifts. Now I can't wait to get them.

4) Not having 2 hours of VBS work to do tonight. I managed to get all but one little task taken care of this morning so I can relax a little bit more tonight than I have in about 2 weeks! LT will be grateful, I'm sure!

5) Little boys who are social enough to enjoy having visitors. Bailey was in tears when Jed and Matt left this morning. He had his shoes on and backpack ready. I think he was hoping he was going to be joining them for their journey. Maverick got up from his nap yesterday and climbed right onto Jed's lap and snuggled for a few minutes.

6) So many people who have stepped up to the plate to make VBS possible this year.

7) Checking the mail for the first time in 3 days. I love checking the mail, but have forgotten to do it the past few days. That's just how busy and preoccupied I've been.

8) Preschool workers and staff who love my little boys and are so super patient even when they're having bad attitudes. I don't know how they do it day after day, week after week!

9) A clean house!! Yesterday was my housecleaner day!!! Yeah!!! Now I just need to fold the piles of clean clothes I've created over the past few days.

10) A new camera that I've not even had time to unwrap the accesories for. Once I get all that done, I'll post some pictures from my new camera.


Jen Dub-ya said...

yay - VBS! Yay - time to check the mail! yay - SC twang! Miss you so much girl!!!

Nikki said...

Boy is VBS a thing for us all these next 2 weeks!! Good for you to get things done!! Housekeeper....that's awesome!! Friends from SC always make the day a little brighter!!

Jed said...

I miss you guys already... It was a great evening and I am looking forward to the next time... Maybe the boys can with us then!!

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