Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wow Wow Wednesday

Today's Wow Wow website belongs to a personal friend. She was actually a bridesmaid in our wedding. She was one of my running buddies as a single living it up in the suburbs of DC. She's since moved back to the midwest with a great job at Notre Dame. She recently purchased a fixer upper house and is chronicling her adventure through a blog. I'm fascinated with this stuff so of course it interests me. I hope you'll find following her journey as interesting as I do. Check out her work and progress here.

We've past the midway point of VBS here in El Paso and I think I had a VBS hangover this morning or something. Not that I've ever had a hangover to know what that would feel like - honestly. I can just imagine! It's smooth sailing here on out for the most part. Then it's clean up time. Then I go to camp for a week. After that I think I'll have to tell the church office they can reach me via cell phone for a few days while I recuperate while hanging out with my dad, step mom and sister.

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