Thursday, June 19, 2008

This Year's Pool

Last year we had a little blow up swimming pool that eventually was destroyed by the wind out here. So this year I purchased a new one. The picture on the box made it look lots bigger than it really is. I was a little disappointed with that, but the kiddos didn't seem to mind.

Here they are enjoying playing in their new pool.

I had to add this picture so you could see how big Maverick's belly is. He really does look like he has an old man beer gut at times. He likes to eat and is a little begger! Last night I caught him begging Ms. Ruth at church for some of her jello!

These next 2 are the before and after slide pictures. I don't know why they make inflatable slides because they're near to impossible for a slippery wet child to climb up and get positioned properly to slide.

Obviously, this one was a complete wipe out!

After we played for a little while, we went inside and put their pjs on. When I finished changing Maverick and lotioning him up for bed, Jake was giving Bailey a bath so I walked downstairs to the computer and thought I was leaving both boys under his supervision. Apparently they came downstairs and went back outside and got in the pool, fully dressed in their pjs, while Jake was cleaning up the bathroom. Jake came downstairs and found the back door open and them in the pool.He yelled for me to come! I really did think they were upstairs playing that whole time. Bad, bad boys!!


Grammy said...

I want to see the pictures of them in their pj's in the pool. How's the new camera?

Jen Dub-ya said...

Glad you said it Grammy - I was wondering where the camera went when the boys were caught "wet-handed."

and a-wiki-wiki.

Nikki said...

Too darn funny!!! Just when you think you've handed over the reigns, the little broncos went wild behind Daddy's Back.....poor LT, lol!

Peggy said...

Fun times! Sounds like you're finding ways to survive the desert heat! I just bought a slip and slide for my kids yesterday. We're going to try it after lunch. I'm sure I'll have pictures to post!

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