Saturday, June 21, 2008


I'm officially POOPED! VBS is behind us and it was a fabulous week. I learned a ton about myself, the volunteers and VBS in general! We had about 6 kids who made professions of Faith so that makes it all worthwhile. Now I have to shift my thinking to Preteen Camp on top of lots of other things.

Jake spent most of the morning today buying a truck. Then we spent the rest of the day using the truck for the reason why Jake felt the need to bite the bullet and get one even though we've only made 2 payments on the Malibu. This whole 3 cars in 8 months isn't the wisest financial decision we've ever made, but he should've just bought a truck in November and we'd be finished with this craziness already. Oh well. He says this one is 'til death do us part' so we'll see.

A family in our church is moving to Arlington to take a position at
Dallas Baptist University and was trying to sell their outdoor playset. I bought it sight unseen for $300. I trusted that this family would have quality stuff and then another friend told me it was nice. After 2 hours of disassembling, we loaded the first load into the back of the new to us truck. After dinner, we went back and got load number 2. Tomorrow afternoon, we'll be picking up loads number 3 and 4. It's a lot bigger than I imagined it was going to be and taken apart, covers most of the grass in our back yard. There were moments in the midst of disassembly that I thought we may have made a huge mistake. Needless to say, we've got to get our $300 worth out of it over the next couple of years because it WON'T be moved by us again!

Did I mention that my sister flew in this morning to stay with the boys this week while I'm at camp? I hope she doesn't already regret this decision. She says she's just glad to get out Central TX for a while so I hope she doesn't hate us at the end of this week. Jake will be home in the evenings and at lunch and she'll be able to take them to the church on Thursday for Mother's Day Out or in her case, Aunt's Day Out! I probably should get her a Starbucks card and directions to the nearest Starbucks card for her few hours of childlessness!

Much to my surprise, the boys were well behaved tonight as we sat down and ate at Taco Cabana. The well behaved part mostly happened AFTER we got our food and believe it or not, the last person eating was BAILEY! He actually sat in a high chair and ate quesadilla, chips and queso and tortillas like he hadn't eaten in a week. Wonders never cease.


Pegsy said...

You're making me jealous talking about Taco Cabana! Oh, to be able to go there for lunch today!

Anonymous said...

Jen, I told you I sometimes visit your blog. I have to share with you and your readers what an awesome job you did on VBS. VBS is never easy. I think it is because we put people/volunteers in classrooms with children that don't normally spend much time with the little guys. Unfortunately, the burden of relieving some of the anxiety of that situation falls on the director. You did GREAT and you were very much so a blessing to all the teachers and volunteers. I know my class is usually easy for the director (I've done it enough!). However, those that were having difficulties seemed to flourish under your "let's not get excited, I'm only one person" directorship. I know it was a huge endeavor without an assistant or other director and Part time schedule. I am so astounded by God's grace in sending you Linda to help. How incredibly beautiful is that? You are beautiful, as are your boys. My Weston only talked about Ava and Bailey during VBS! I think he fit right in!!! I feel your 2's and 3's pain. We are in a definite whining stage. UGH!

Anyways...just wanted you to know what a good job you did. I appreciate the extra time you spent getting me and my stuff organized, as well. You're the best!

Your Prayer Sister

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