Sunday, June 22, 2008

To Camp I Must Go!

I'm scheduled to load a bus to Preteen Camp at 9 in the morning. Today I got fabulous news, though. Another female sponsor has stepped in and wants to go to camp, the day before we leave! Yahoo!!! So I'm going to go up tomorrow and spend the night and come back with some parents that are going up to visit on Tuesday. This is a huge blessing because VBS isn't officially wrapped up and my budget for next year is due on Friday and I want to tweak last year's budget quite a bit! My sister is here, too, and I'm glad that she is even though my situation for the week has changed. I think we'll go to the splash park Wednesday morning and then we'll take the kids to Mother's Day Out and I'll work for a little while and then we'll go shop for a little while.

The final load of playground is here. This has been a major undertaking!

1 comment:

Nikki said...

How awesome is GOD!!! Intervening for you at the midnight hour, that's awesome!!!

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