Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I Survived

I spent 2 whole days at Preteen Camp and have lived to tell the story. I really did have a good time for the 2 days I went to camp with our kiddos. I had mixed emotions coming home, but I know now that the Lord worked it all out for the good of our family. We also had a little boy come home from camp with a fever so it was good that we were already planning a trip back to El Paso. I completed the low and high phases of the camp's ropes course while I was there and today I'm living with the pain in my shoulders.

Today, we took the boys to the mall, which made me wish I was back at camp! Mav has reached a bad time in his little life - teething, grasping for more independence and never giving up a fight against his brother! Bailey is Bailey and I'm not sure will ever get past the terrible 2's and 3's. Will he ever not throw temper tantrums over EVERYTHING??? His attitude wreaks and I probably give him too many chances to get it right! I'll shoulder some blame.

Tonight, Beth and I took a solo trip to the mall and managed to snag a couple of bargains or sort of bargains. Tomorrow the boys go to Mother's Day Out at the church. I'm going to work a couple of hours and then come get Beth and grab lunch and maybe tackle a couple more stores before we have to pick the boys up at 2!


Nikki said...

Girl, you should be in bed! I have a bad case of insomnia right now....glad the trip was all that you needed it to be!

Sundi said...

Glad you made it through camp okay! Solo shopping trips are such a wonderful luxury, huh?

Grammy said...

Any older mother can tell you that just when Bailey and Maverick get old enough to be fun to be with, they'll move out on their own and you almost never get to be with them.

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