Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Blessing and A Curse

My parents have been here from Waco since Friday and we've had a great time. Over a year ago, my stepmom told me she was going to get Bailey a motorized vehicle and this was her first opportunity to do so when it didn't have to be transported hundreds of miles.

We started our search yesterday at Walmart and Bailey showed little to no interested in the process. He spotted the Thomas stuff and ended up with a $2.50 Thomas Golden Book. This particular Walmart's display wasn't that great so we decided we would go to Toys R Us since there you can at least get the cars down and sit in them as we've done many times as entertainment. We never made it to Toys R Us, but went to another Walmart in Las Cruces last night and ended up with a John Deere Gator.

As soon as we got home, the putting it together work began as pictured below.

Bailey eventually had to go to bed and didn't get to experience the Gator in all its glory until this morning. I'm glad I took a video of this because it really is priceless. I think he must've thought the Gator would be like his antique John Deere tractor we have that for now serves no purpose other than sitting on it and imagining it's going somewhere. (I attempted to upload the video, but after 6 hours of uploading, I've given up for now.)

He's already gotten to be a better driver and has taken Mav on a few rides. We'll enjoy the Gator for a long time, but it will also be a source of contention between he and I until he learns how to follow instructions and do as he's told. He's been in trouble at least 2x today for continuing to put his foot on the gas pedal after being told to "stop, stop, STOP, STOOOOOOOOOOOP!" My feet have been run over numerous times and he almost sideswiped GG Bailey's brand new Malibu today! Do they insure junior sized motorized vehicles? I maybe should check with USAA on that!


Karen said...

My boys have one, but have worn it to DEATH! I mean 2 motors, 2 batteries, a new grill, and need 4 new tires! That is after ONLY Carter has been able to drive it! It think it may be cheaper to just get a new one!
I'm sure your guys will LOVE IT! (They do catch on and FINALLY quit running over toes!)
BTW- girls don't catch on as quickly as boys... so watch out when friends come over!

Anonymous said...

Elijah got one for Christmas. He still drives it into things and has to have help steering! I thought he would just get in and drive!

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