Sunday, July 27, 2008

Random Pictures

I mentioned in my Ten Things Tuesday Post about our trip to the Hueco Tanks. This is one of the sights we saw on our oh so short hike - a tarantula! That and the mosquitoes were all I needed to be done with that hike! Maverick is all about feeding himself these days. So here he is enjoying vanilla pudding from head to toe! I think Bailey's gonna be into fashion! The other day he wanted to wear this shirt of mine and then went to the closet to pick out the perfect shoes. I was shocked when he came back with these red sandals. You have to look very closely to see them. LT said I didn't need to be encouraging this kind of behavior. He's only 3!
The best thing about rain in El Paso is the beautiful rainbows that light up the sky. I took this one the other day from our backyard. I love rainbows because they remind me of the covenant that God has made with us and that His love for us is so perfect.
Our friend Stephanie needs a rainbow today. She had a kidney transplant on Thursday and last night the doctors had to remove the kidney because her body was rejecting it. Pray for Stephanie and her family. They've seen God's faithfulness through this whole process and need to know now more than ever that He's still God and He's still on His throne! To read more about Stephanie's journey, see her caringbridge page here.

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Cluuccy said...

Good Morning! I hope and pray that all is going well with you. I love the new look of your blog. I have just recently started blogging I need something else to keep up with. My blog is called I Love Clucy. How do I maybe get a picture of I Love Lucy on there? I went to the blog site you had listed, but wasn't really helpful.

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