Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ten Things Tuesday

On Your Mark...Get Set....Here We Go...

1) USAA Deposit @Home - We bank with
USAA and because they don't have branches, we have to do must of our banking online. I used to mail my deposits in their pre paid deposit envelopes until I discovered that I can scan checks via my home scanner through their website and have them deposit immediately. I just write VOID on the check and file them away. The only checks I have normally are expense reimbursements and piano lesson payments.

2) Bravo - I've said before that I'm a reality TV junky. There are some shows that I can't normally get into, but for some reason Bravo's reality shows are absolutely addictive. The even better thing is that if you miss an episode or two, you can usually catch a marathon of the show you missed and get all caught up. LT even likes Project Runway, if you can imagine that - "fierce."

3) My friend the scale - We've been Weight Watchering for about 3 weeks now and both of us have consistently shed a few pounds. This is my first attempt at WW since we've owned the treadmill. Dieting alone doesn't work for me. I need both diet and exercise to see results and am seeing results at this point. I need to get a little more disciplined with writing down my points if I want to see the downward trend.

4) Planning a getaway - LT and I will celebrate 5 years of Wedded Bliss at the end of August and are hoping that we can work out a few days away together - menos los ninos. Grammy is looking into the possibility of coming out to stay with los ninos so we can steal away. Our destination is still up in the air. I was supposed to have 2 different cities with 2 hotel/resort options for each by last night. I failed to turn in my assignment!

5) Bailey doing things that are unpredictable and out of character - When we got home from school today, he decided he wanted to wear his helmet and knee pads to ride his scooter inside. I guess he's seen the bigger kids at school wearing their protective gear while they ride their scooters. As much as I wanted my boys to be hat wearers, they're not so far so for Bailey to voluntarily wear a helmet is way out of character for him and very cute!

Here's the proof. He must've been taking a break to catch a little Max and Ruby and eat some goldfish.

6) Unpredictable Bailey #2 - Sunday Bailey talked to Grammy for a few minutes on the phone so today he saw the phone and said "wanna talk to Grammy." I tried Grammy's cell phone and it went straight to voicemail. To maximize the moment, I called the Wades to see if he would talk to them. He sat and talked, really talked to them, for about 5 minutes. He said everything we told him to say - things like "I played with friends at school," "I rode in daddy's truck," "I drove my tractor" etc. He even said "I wub you!" When he heard Paw's voice he went crazy with excitment and started screaming "That's Paw, That's Paw." I never thought he would be so cooperative and actually talk on the phone, but he did. So keep you phone ready in case he wants to talk on the phone and we need someone he can talk to. I'm glad long distance is included in our Time Warner plan!

7) Next week LT goes to his new unit - That means this week has been easy like Sunday morning. He's acted like he's on vacation and has no responsibility. He turned in his work cell phone so he's a free man. The new unit will bring obstacles of its own, but we're enjoying this week for sure!

8) Mavvy hugs - Mav likes to climb up on top of me as I sit in my new chaise out back and give me hugs. It's so sweet and is always one of those moments that I try to enjoy because I know they won't happen much. Bailey has somehow figured out or thinks that offering me a hug when he's in trouble is going to smooth everything over. It helps, but he still has to deal with the consequences of his bad attitude or disobedience. He can probably tell when I'm getting stressed out and wants to help me calm down, too.

9) Chocolate Covered Strawberries - Yum! I was supposed to have a girls' night at my house last week so I bought some strawberries and chocolate for our little treat. The girls' night didn't happen, but we have enjoyed some serious chocolate covered strawberries this week. Today the boys ate the strawberries and I ate the chocolate off of them. It was perfect and we were all disappointed when they were all gone.

10) The Adirondacks are GONE! - LT put our Fort Mill High School Ag project Adirondack chairs on the curb last night with signs that said "free for the taking." Less than 30 minutes later, one of our neighbors came walking over and he asked me if we were really giving them away and I said yes. He went and asked his wife if she wanted them and minutes later he carried them back to his house. They're still sitting beside their house and I think Bailey's a little confused about the whole process. He asked about them a couple of times when we played outside tonight. It's amazing how quickly people will take free things off the curb, isn't it?


Grammy said...

I can't believe I missed a phone call from Bailey!! But we're getting a California load this weekend, so maybe we will get to talk in person. That's even better!!!

Ainsley said...

I love Bravo, too. You're so right... you can always go to bed early and just watch it the next day!

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