Friday, August 1, 2008

Fun Friday

I'm trying to get myself psyched up for a trip to the Commissary. I'm going to try to go as early as I can to beat some of the day after payday crowd and am praying that the little boys are in a half decent cooperative mood. I don't have near as many new things to search for this week like I did the last time I went and was trying new recipes so hopefully that will make our trip much smoother. Depending on how long we spend at the Commissary, we may brave the waterpark for a little while.

No major weekend plans on the horizon unless we venture into New Mexico to take advantage of their Tax Free Weekend. Texas' Tax Free weekend doesn't happen until the 15th. I have my Old Navy Stuff and Save Bag - I somehow made the lottery this go round - and am contemplating using it on Tax Free weekend, but I have to weigh the crowds with the 6.25% tax savings. I can almost handle the tax more than a Just North of the Border Tax Free Weekend crowd! Texas only gives Tax Free on clothes and backpacks so the deals aren't near what you would get in SC on a Tax Free weekend.

To the Commissary I must go....

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