Friday, August 1, 2008

RIP Humpty Dumpty and Friends

12 Humpty Dumptys sat in my cart
12 Humpty Dumptys had a great start
Until little Maverick grabbed on with his hand
And we looked at the floor to see them all land

It was actually 11 Humpty Dumptys because 1 had already fallen to his death an aisle earlier. I noticed him as I circled back around looking for pita bread. Apparently he could see the handwriting on the wall and decided to die alone.

As we were checking out, the checker picked up an empty carton of eggs and asked if I knew it was empty. I told her "yes, we were the cleanup on aisle 19." Not 30 seconds later, they were calling for a clean up on aisle 20 - "egg on floor." Needless to say I was ready to get out of the Commissary!

I did get charged for the empty carton of eggs so I told Maverick that I will be deducting that wasted $1.20 from his lifetime savings! I also told him that was his last shopping trip for a while - at least 2 weeks :o)

Just so you know, I didn't stop and take a picture of the eggs. I found this on google images so apparently I'm not the only one who's experienced this mass humpty dumpty murder!


AMANDA said...

Oh the joys of shopping with children!

Pegsy said...

I was wondering about that picture...:-) I was thinking, "Now, there's a seriously dedicated blogger!"

Grammy said...

I think Maverick just wanted an omelet or scrambled eggs. Where are all the kings horses when you need them??

Cluuccy said...

sorry that happened, but the picture did make me laugh. I mean I carry my camera with me most of the time.

Emily Jennings said...

That is seriously one of my worst fears...and I did think, ha, she either carries her camera or used her phone....what a true blogger, always thinking about the next post! :)

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