Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ten Things Tuesday

1) It's NOT Monday!!! Mondays have become a very bad day for me and it's because of an event that happens every Monday. Let's just say this event puts me in a real funk from the time it happens until I close my eyes. Last night I closed my eyes with the help of 2 benadryls so that was bliss!!!

2) Lunch with a new friend. I had lunch today with a girl who is new to El Paso. Her husband is in the reserves and got activated to an assignment here at Fort Bliss. I took her to lunch today and it was fun to just sit and chat.

3) Mavvy's going to be a talker. Bailey wasn't big on talking until about a year ago or so, if even then. Let's just say I finally understand about 90% of what he says. Maverick on the other hand has quite a repertoire of words, most of which he's picked up from Bailey like "Bar" and "Cuckoo." When he's in the mood, he even says "Baeeey" That's Bailey in Maverickese. The code deciphering begins again...

4) My purse was not LOST! As I was leaving the office to go to lunch, I couldn't find my purse in my office or in my car. I remembered at least putting my hand on it at the house, but apparently didn't carry it out of the house. Because I didn't have any ID on me, I couldn't just come home and get it. Thankfully, LT came home from lunch and was able to meet me to give it back to me. It's a sick and helpless feeling to lose your purse and not even be able to go to your own house.

5) Bailey loves school. So much so that he randomly pitches the biggest fits when it's time to leave. It's embarrassing to say the very least!

6) Grammy's coming! Grammy bought her ticket so she can come hang with the 2 crazies so LT and I can take a little anniversary trip to a still unknown destination. Phoenix or Santa Fe? Which will it be???

7) Budgets. We've decided it's time to take advantage of our extra income and start paying off some lingering school debt and start putting some into a retirement account for me. I have a little bit from when I worked full time, but it's not going to get me very far when I'm 65! Knowing I have to write every penny I spend down makes it a little easier to just not spend anything, sort of.

8) Blueberry Pound Cake. I made my famous Blueberry Pound Cake for our August Birthday celebration at FBC and LT told me last night that eating the Pound Cake was the best thing he had done all day yesterday. There's one piece left and I'm saving it for him. Aren't I sweet?

9) It's almost OLYMPIC time!!! We love the Olympics and as the Opening Ceremonies get closer, I'll have to do a post or two about my all time favorite olympians. I was going to have an Olympics party Friday night, but LT is being farewelled by his old Battalion Friday night. Boo...

10) Finishing the list while it's still Tuesday. I had to sneak in this few minutes to get this done or it wouldn't get done until tomorrow. So I'm glad it got finished today while those on the East Coast are still awake!


Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife said...

We went to Santa Fe on an anniversary trip once, it was beautiful!

Love your list AND the egg story post below this!

unicorngirl said...

Hee hee, loves it! I just checked out Ivillage's round up of Sexiest Olympiads online. If you want to have an Olympics party of your own, here is a really cute craft for making Olympics rings out of sushi rolls. Nice for a solo evening, and definitely leftovers for the fam. Check it out, it got me in the spirit:

Mzzterry said...

Really enjoyed reading your list!

sharon said...

Lovely list, I had fun reading it.

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