Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Speaking of Houses

In the past month, our old neighborhood has been torn down! It's been sort of sad to watch the process happen.
What once looked like this -
Now looks like this.
You can see that one side of our street was completely demolished in this first picture.

In this picture you can see where they've started tearing down our side of the street. Our house is right on the other side of the backhoe and other construction machinery in the picture. I think they had ripped the carport off of our house by this particular day. All of the houses on our street are gone now.

We loved our old house and I do sometimes miss the communal feeling our little neighborhood had. However, I wouldn't trade our new house for anything. You can sort of see our shared driveway in this picture. I also thought today about the fact that we have rockscaped yards so there's no real need to be outside doing any yardwork ever. One less opportunity to run into a neighbor or two. And by 'run in,' I mean a face to face conversation, not the car to car kind :o)

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