Wednesday, July 9, 2008

White Sands - 4th of July

I realize it's almost a week past 4th of July, but as I was sending myself the pictures of our old neighborhood off of my phone, I remembered the pictures I took at White Sands on Friday and sent them, too. My new camera battery finally died just as I was getting ready to start snapping pictures. Of course I had no back up batteries so the Razr camera had to do! Note that this is the 2nd trip to White Sands we've made and I've not been able to take pictures with a real camera.

These pictures are nothing special, but I thought maybe the grandparents would like to see their grandsons in action!

Jake invested in sleds for this trip since you can sled down the big sand dunes. Maverick didn't have alot of interest in sitting in the sled and sliding down hills, but he did stand in a sled once.

Then he decided that just pushing the sled through the sand was great fun.
So here he is - pushing his sled.

And pushing it some more.

And pushing it some more. I think he pushed it all the way through the parking lot to the car!

Here are LT and Bailey walking to the top of a dune so they could slide down. Bailey thought this was great fun. He usually ended up nose diving and falling out of the sled by the time he got to the bottom, but came up laughing and heading back to the top of the dune.


Becca said...

That looks like great fun! I had no idea you could sled at White Sands. We'll have to visit there soon.

Jed said...

ahhh the memories!!!

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