Friday, July 11, 2008

Xopenex Anyone?

Mav had to go this morning for his 18 month check up. I hoped it would be an in and out kinda visit, but not so much! The first doctor we saw head him cough a little bit. I think this particular doctor is completing her residency. So when we saw the 2nd doctor, the doctor our appointment was with, she listened to his cough and felt of all the bumps on his legs that we were told was probably eczema on a previous visit. Long story short, the doctor listened to him breathe and heard a little bit of wheezing (I'm the mom that should be able to identify a wheeze, but probably couldn't if I had to). Then she asked if he had ever done nebulizer treatments. Remember this.

We have a nebulizer and all the necessary paraphenalia! She also asked if we had any history of asthma in our families. This particular doctor thinks his breathing issues and bumpy, dry skin could all be related. These types of issues are very common in El Paso because 98% of the time the air is very dry. It doesn't help that he's got extremely fair skin! I would say hopefully all of his issues will clear up when we leave El Paso, but that's not scheduled to happen for at least another 2 years or so.

Thankfully, the pharmacy and doctors here at Fort Bliss are very generous when they fill prescriptions! We ended up with 2 large bottles of children's ibuprofen and about 7 - 24 packs of Xopenex. I think these will last us a while! Now I've gotta remember where the nebulizer is! I'm not looking forward to trying to hold Maverick down while I hold the dragon mask on his face. We haven't done this since he was 1 month old so this is sure to be a treat.

One other issue that comes from his new nebulizer treatment routine is that I'll have to go back to the clinic to get his 18 month shots after he gets better. My blood pressure rises just thinking about going to the clinic here at Fort Bliss. I'll just have to arrange to go back when LT can watch Bailey for a little while. I have vowed never to take the 2 of them back into the clinic by myself ever again.


Anonymous said...

Well PawPaw Crick had asthma as a child and LT. had ecsema as a child but outgrew it. So maybe if he has either one it won't be a lifetime thing. Hope the treatments go well. I remember those first ones. Sure would love to see you all. It seems like a year since you were here.

We love you all
GG & Paw

Cindy said...

ah yes, the lovely breathing treatments. dare i say that we haven't had to do one with josh in a month or so.
hope you guys are good!!

GE is me said...

Jen, I'll be praying for the treatments for Mav. I've been a bit behind in bloggy world(all the way around). Absolutely love the new design. -Gail

Sundi said...

Only in EP did Zander have to have nebulizer treatments (and he had the rash, too!), and he hated them like nothing else! You know how cats are when you're getting ready to throw them in a bathtub? That was Zander at "nebulizing" time. I don't know if this is discouraging or encouraging, but all those problems went away when we got back to the DFW area. BTW, responding to your email soon!

Nikki said...

New design rocks!!! I LOVE IT!!! I have told myself that at my 100th post I will commission Jill to redo it again for me!!! Hope he gets better!

Grammy said...

Maybe a vaporizer in his room at night would help? Better than trying to hold him down for a treatment!! Or do the treatments while he sleeps??

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