Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wow Wow Wednesday

I'm really trying to get back on track with my blogging, but it just doesn't seem to be happening very well lately. I jumped back on the Weight Watchers train last week so I've spent a ton of time entering my points into my online points tracker.

I got the late summer 2008
Pottery Barn Kids catalog in the mail Monday and have been salivating over the many things I wish (coveting) I could get for the boys! These are just scratching the surface of the things I would love to have out of the current catalog.

backpacks are a little big for Bailey and Maverick right now, but I would love to have them and the matching lunch boxes for Mother's Day Out.

I just love this whole room! The beds and the red tub chair are way up on my wish list, though!

Since we spend a ton of time outside, I've been eyeing kid sized outdoor furniture and I love what Pottery Barn has to offer. This Safari Animal stuff is way cute and so is the Chesapeake stuff.

Unfortunately or maybe fortunately, most of the things I like are sold out! Not that I need to be buying any of these things on my wishlist for the boys. Maybe I'm just dropping hints to the grandparents :o)

Since I'm dropping hints, I might as well add one for myself, right? I've been hung up on these grommet style drapes for a while. My hang up is the reason I haven't bought drapes for our new house because I'm not going to spend the money unless I'm getting exactly what I want. Since I need to cover 3 different windows to the tune of 6 separate drapes at the price of $89 per drape - you can see why this cheapskate, clearance shopper hasn't bought new drapes. That doesn't include the high speed rods that I would want to go with the drapes.

Our music minister's daughter manages a Pottery Barn store in California. I haven't asked the 'Can your daughter get me a discount?' question yet. I've been waiting until I'm serious about making a major purchase which may not ever happen. Just thought I'd share my Wow Wow wishlist with you. Hint Hint!


Anonymous said...

Have you tried LL Bean for the backpacks? You can get a small one with a monogram for like $25. My mom got one for my nieces and they are really nice.

I love the safari furniture! So cute!


Nikki said...

Hey, I was just JCPenney's site and looked at the grommet style valances and that had hundred of grommet panels in all colors. I love that look too. Give it a whirl and they were cheaper than Pottery Barn I know!!!

Karen said...

LL Bean is amazing... They have 100% return policy... even years later... even if you don't like the color anymore! I buy all my boys winter clothes from them since the knees never last!

Cindy said...

ah pottery barn!!
i love it too.
miss ya!

Jed said...

noting wrong with dropping a hint!!!

Jen Dub-ya said...

okay, so my will power is low, EG has the varsity sports duffel in pink and i just bought the matching lunch bag - you have led me down the road to temptation...and I liked it!

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