Saturday, August 23, 2008

Birthday Party Bust

Today we were invited to a birthday party at an arcade/gokart/putt putt type place here in EP. It was originally going to be at a place with lots of bouncy things, BounceU, but the local BounceU shut down this week so they had to change the location of the party. Most of you know that I don't have a lot of love for places like this because my boys don't quite get all the games and I end up just chasing them the whole time. No fun for mommy.

This particular birthday party started out just fine. We wasted lots of tokens in the skeeball machines and Bailey and some of his buddies weren't quite able to roll the balls up the lanes so I won lots of tickets! I also had to keep putting coins in all of the skeeball machines to get the balls to roll down so I could replace the balls they were taking out of one and stockpiling in another. Mine was the ring leader of this operation!

After pizza and cake and the present opening that we didn't watch any of because Bailey was playing and I was chatting it up with a friend, we got our tickets to go to the outside things - gokarts, bumper boats, putt putt, etc. Bailey and I waited in line to ride the gokarts and that's as far as we got. After watching about 6 of his little buddies load the gokarts with their mommies or uncles or whoever, the guy decided to measure Bailey and he wasn't tall enough so he didn't get to ride. Not only was he devastated, but I was too and a little bit angry that all of his friends who are about the same height were able to ride with their parents and Bailey wasn't. I didn't argue with the guy (remember I'm a 'minister'). I just picked Bailey up and we walked away. I gave the rest of my tickets to a friend and we came home. I'm all for rules, but when the rules are not paid attention to for any other child except my own, that really grates on me.

My experience today has reinforced my lack of love for these kind of overpriced, not conducive to small children establishments. They'll rape your pocket book, but only provide discouragement and frustration to kids who really shouldn't be their target audience.

Enough of my rant...Happy Birthday, Jackson and Jasper.

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