Sunday, August 24, 2008


I've always enjoyed organizing and file systems and all the products that are supposed to help organize. I don't always have the best systems or stick with the systems, but I do try on ocassion. I checkout the Organizing Junkie and see what she's got going on pretty regularly. I think in July her challenge for the month was the bathroom. So early in August, I decided to do my 2 main bathroom drawers that I use regularly.

Here are the before pictures.

Here are the after pictures.

Both drawers still sort of look like this. Maverick likes to play with the qtips and I have trouble keeping him out of the bathroom so that one is a challenge to keep organized.

I bought a shoe organizer for LT's shoes and have tried to work on our closet some. It's slightly hopeless! We both have way too many shoes and way too many clothes! I didn't realize how many pairs of jeans I own until LT hung them all together this afternoon. I think I see a purge coming my way. I've tried to stick to a system of removing 1 old piece of clothing for each new piece that comes in the closet. I've managed to sort out quite a bit, but you'd never know it by looking in my closet. I still have lots of work to do!

What's your organizing challenge?


Emily Jennings said...

Looks great! My organizing challenges in general! HA! I guess if I have to pick a category I'd pick toys...the little ones.

Grammy said...

My kitchen drawers are the hardest. No matter how many times I clean them out, pretty soon they are junky again.

Nikki said...

You go girl!!! I love finding those things at the dollar store fo rmy classroom drawers!

allisonnewman said...

I know what you mean about organizing. I try my best to do it. I do have to say that I keep my closet pretty organzied. I have all my clothes separated by winter and summer. Then I have my shirts sorted by colors. That way if I want to wear a blue top, then i can just go to my summer blue top section in my closet. i bet you never thought you would see that after living with me at NGU.

Jen Dub-ya said...

This just makes me grin...=)

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