Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ten Things Tuesday

Here's a quick Ten Things - I'm tired and need to get in bed and I'm sure this typing is driving LT nuts!

1) Bailey doesn't have Pink Eye - just a reaction to a bug bite that made his eyes swell up and turn red.

2) I was only at the emergency room for 1.5 hours to find out he didn't have pink eye. The staff even joked that Bailey was a 3 year old smoker because we didn't come the first time they called. We were sitting outside the waiting room and the kid (I can call him that because he was obviously younger than me) that called us must not have said Bailey's name very loud. Apparently people who need to go outside to the designated smoking area have to get called over the loudspeaker like Bailey did.

3) Grammy comes tomorrow to stay for a week. Have I mentioned we're going to Phoenix? If not, now you know :o)

4) My friend "Spring" and her brood of boys are coming to play in the morning. Bailey will be beside himself when they ring the doorbell!

5) Even though it'll be warmish in EP for quite a while still, it was fun to pull out the 4T things that I've bought for Bailey at the end of the past few seasons. I had forgotten I had bought as much as I have. Now I have to find the box that has all of Maverick's coordinating things in it!

6) No 'scahee moners' please! That's scary monsters in Baileyese. He's gotten back on his monster kick lately and wakes up talking about them. I haven't had a good night of sleep in about 3 days. Last night he ended up in the bed with us. I was too tired to get up and walk to his room. At one point, he was laying sideways with his feet propped on my belly.

7) Maverick is a great sleeper and is the goofiest child alive! He's also the most messy and disgusting child alive.

8) I'm about to get back into my nightly benadryl routine with some big things looming a la iglesia. Anyone know a good 3rd grade SS teacher?

9) The scale continues to be my friend. I'm really starting to be able to see a change in how my clothes are fitting - yeah!

10) Leftovers for 2 meals in one day! That's a record!! Leftovers usually go down the drain because we don't eat them. Not this week. It's probably the reality of how much I spent on groceries last week that persuades me to eat the leftovers.

1 comment:

AMANDA said...

I know a good 3rd grade SS teacher, but I think FBC-FM might not like me moving to EP. :)

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