Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Computer Whiz

Some of you won't be fascinated by this, but I know of at least 3 groups of people in TX, WV and SC who will so this is for them and you if you want to endure this couple of minutes of video.

I bought Bailey some Jumpstart Preschool computer games a few weeks ago. Our first couple of tries were frustrating for me. He was quite uncooperative. After just letting him figure it out, he's gotten to where he knows which icon to click just to get it going! You might notice he has a hard time with the mouse. Our regular mouse died so we bought a wireless laser mouse and it is ultra sensitive. I haven't taken the time to figure out if we can slow down the speed on it yet. I've also researched getting him a kid sized mouse that only has one button instead of 2 on it.

Here he is in all his computing glory!


Jen Dub-ya said...

Me and EG endured--I mean enjoyed it! So you can count GA in, too. Love you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the video. Paw and GG loved it. Just more proof that Grammy is right. He is just brilliant. Hope you have a great time on your trip. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!

We love you all!!!!
Paw & GG

Pegsy said...

I love the Jumpstart learning games! Some friends gave me a whole stack of them a couple of years ago and my kids really get into them! We've since tried a few other educational games and they pale in comparison to Jumpstart.

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