Thursday, August 28, 2008

Potty Train

Grammy has taken the reigns as the potty trainer since she's been here and today has been a good day. It took a while for Bailey to decide he wanted to wear underwear. He finally brought a pair to me to put on him, after going around with just a shirt on for over an hour! He had a few accidents throughout the morning until he finally decided to just do it on the potty seat. He's gone several times on the potty seat and we've had several accidents, but we're on the right track! We're very thankful that Grammy is so patient with him and that he's responding to her crazy antics and the potty dance she's done for him. It's also good that we're going away and they'll be home most of the next few days so he'll have more time to get it figured out! Yeah Bailey!!!

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david santos said...

Thanks for your posting!!!
Have a nice week.

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