Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Can I Go Back to PHX?

Our trip to Phoenix was FAB! If there were an Army post in Phoenix, I think we would volunteer to go there. It was like a shopper's paradise! LT even earned brownie points for going to Ikea not once, but 2 times. The first trip I only bought 2 plastic bag dispensers. After we left, I regretted that we didn't buy any of their little portable potty chairs. So we had to stop on our way out of Phoenix to buy potty chairs and a few storage containers. LT had been to the one in Round Rock once, but I had never been at all. I have a list started of things that I want to get on future visits. I'm already trying to figure out when that will be.

Bailey is doing okay with going to the potty when we're home. He had 2 accidents at school and at church today. That's a little frustrating, but I think he may not know where the bathroom is in his class at church so tomorrow I'm going to make sure he knows where it is. He just woke up crying. When LT went to his room, he was holding himself and screaming hysterically. LT took him to the potty and took his underwear off and he peed and then went right back to sleep. I guess he doesn't quite get that he can get out of bed to go potty in the middle of the night if he needs to.

Mavvy Cole is finally getting 4 more teeth and he's being quite a pill about it. He's had the worst diapers and has just been extraordinarily fussy for a few days. Hopefully these 4 will pop through fast so we can move past this little growing phase!

I'll add some Phoenix pictures later and hope to get back in the blogging swing soon.

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Pegsy said...

I love it! Another IKEA convert/addict! Half our house is IKEA furniture and storage solutions and pictures! We usually can't get out of that store with less than $100 worth of stuff! Glad you had such a nice vacation - it's good to have a break and actually enjoy it!

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