Monday, August 11, 2008

Proud to Be An American

I'm sure that many of you are just like us and are glued to your tv screen watching the Olympics. Between Michael Phelps' domination of every race he's been in and the phenomonal outcome of the men's relay last night and the success the men's gymnastics team is having as I type, this has been a very exciting Olympics to watch. As much as I need to go to bed, every night it becomes more difficult for me to just turn the tv off!

The two I'm not so proud to be the mother of right now are Bailey and Maverick. Both had bad days at school. The bad reports began with Bailey's teacher saying he had been pretty defiant and not very cooperative. He was helpful cleaning up, though. When I got to Maverick's room, his teacher told me that he had hit another little boy in the middle of the forehead with a rolling pin! How do you respond to that? This kid is just mean and bad!! I'm not really even sure how to discipline him. I just hope he doesn't get kicked out of the CDC. I never thought I'd have the worst behaved, meanest child in a class. It's humbling to say the very least!


Anonymous said...

o my! i wouldn't know what to say either. i hope they shape up for ya!

Ainsley said...

I feel for you! But if this is their first go at school, it'll get better. Some kids just need some time to adjust to all the rules and social norms.=)

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