Friday, September 12, 2008

Blogging Blues

When I first started blogging, over a year and a half ago, it seemed like I could always think of something to blog about. Lately, that's not been the case. I guess life has become somewhat mundane and busy all at the same time. Not a lot really happens that's out of the ordinary or exciting or what I would consider blogworthy. Then I have the obligation to the Army to adhere to OPSEC and therefore be careful when I mention anything related to LT's future deployment, which is what is consuming his life right now. Because I have local readers, I have to be careful about my mentions of FBC El Paso and that's what consumes my life right now! So I'm in an odd predicament, at least to me it's odd! Or maybe I'm just odd!

I'm still a little out of sorts with LT's new work schedule. It's like my whole routine has been disrupted because he leaves later for work and I've had to try to figure out when I can take a shower in the mornings. He also doesn't come home from work anywhere near the same time every day. There were nights last week when he didn't come home until midnight!

So I'm just in an overall funk. Really, I am! Ask LT!!

So what do I blog about now? Do you really want to hear about the adventures of potty training? Do you want to hear about the Wade Family
UFC featuring Bully Bailey and Mad Mav?

I'm really working on getting out of my blogging blues, but I just wanted you, my faithful readers who are very random in nature, that I'm not giving up on the blog! I'm just trying to figure out what is really blogworthy!!


geisme said...

Jen, blogging about Bay's potty training could be helpful for you. :)
I know at one point my younger daughter tried to pee like daddy, and while it was frustrating to me cleaning up the mess, it was also funny! When (if you can say)does Jake leave? What kind of support are you going to have? Praying for you already.
In God's grace, -Gail

Pegsy said...

I'm still a faithful reader! I love hearing about the antics and even misbehaviours of your two little cuties! They aways make me laugh! I know how you feel, though. It seems that I'm pretty boring too - until we decide to move, like right now! Now I wish life was a little more "normal" and mundane!

Nikki said...

Nothing is too mundane to write about. I read it all babe, I read it ALL!! Miss you and hope to see you soon!

AMANDA said...

You could always have another little Wade, then you would have lots to talk about. :)

Anonymous said...

I know about 6 people in SC, TX and WV that never get tired of potty training or anything else you can tell about those two precious boys. I am sorry you are in a funk. I know how hard it is to have to do so much by yourself. You are strong and our Lord who you love so much is stronger. I love you girl!!!!


Jen Dub-ya said...

must be a j-dub funk...I've got it,too, ask Chris. ;) love you girl and I read anything you put up - potty or otherwise - trying to get myself into blogging, too.

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