Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Night and Day

I've always known my brother and I are polar opposites, but his post about Tea and Coffee is further proof. Read his 'rant' here.

I like my tea and coffee flavored! If a restaurant has flavored tea, I'll usually order it, unless I'm drinking water and it's gotta be flavored, too, with lemon and sweet n low. I like flavored creamers in my coffee. I like flavored coffees. Flavored coffee is how I got my start as a coffee drinker anyway. Anyone who travelled in Life Action with me in 1996 knows that Suzanne and I spent our afternoon free time across the street from the church in Pikeville at the little coffee/tea place drinking rasberry coffee.

Todd, enjoy your plain old tea! I'll take mine flavored, thank you.

It's going to be a long day here at our house. The boys are in UFC mode and I think I hear Maverick cleaning out one of my cabinets. We may have to go on a little drive after LT comes home for lunch so they can be lulled to sleep!

1 comment:

geisme said...

Jen, what exactly is UFC mode?
Is Bailey starting to give up naps yet? I so have to struggle to get my girls to take a nap & then if I let them sleep too long I have a difficult time getting them down at night.

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