Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Squeaky Wheels

I just have to write this because it's on my mind and I'm at my house alone for a little while and thought I would take advantage of the quiet. I really should be cleaning since we're going to have a home visit from 2 deacons tonight who are interviewing LT as a possible deacon - a story for another time.

On my way home, I stopped and picked up the mail that I haven't checked since Friday, I think. This is so unlike me to not check the mail, nonetheless. On the pergola that covers the community mailboxes, there are 3 pieces of paper pleading with people in our neighborhood to contact the neighborhood builder and Fort Bliss leadership to try to get a better playground set up. Our current neighborhood playground is located on a block all by itself. It's a nice set of play equipment, slides, climb through things, swings, etc. and there are like 4 picnic tables that are covered with a large awning as well. Currently there's no grass on the block.

I guess the thing that has rubbed me wrong about this whole plea for being squeaky wheels is that we live in brand new 1800 - 2400 square foot houses and don't pay anything for them. It comes with the pay package! We have an adequate playground. As a matter of fact, there's another covered set of swings about 2 blocks from the main playground in our neighborhood. On Fort Bliss, there are 2 very nice, large parks with great playground equipment, covered eating areas and it takes 5 minutes or less to get to either of them from our neighborhood. There are also similar playgrounds in every other neighborhood on post.

I really struggle with people who think they are entitled or deserve more. Yes, our spouses have jobs that takeover their lives and ours. We signed up for this. We knew coming in what it was going to be like. We also have a better quality of life than we ever dreamed we would have at this point in our lives. We have a bigger house than we ever would've had if we had stayed in the civilian world. We know every year that we're going to get a pay increase of some degree based on years of experience. We have free health care and access to tons of discounted programs for our children. We have great job security and at this point haven't been too affected by the economic crisis our nation is in.

Apparently those things aren't enough without a state of the art over the top playground within walking distance of your front door. They won't find me barking at the construction company or Fort Bliss leadership. People in the civilian world are losing their 6 figure jobs right and left and yet my neighbors want me to be nagging someone for more playground equipment. I'll just be thankful that we have a playground in our neighborhood because alot of people don't even have that luxury.

I should be honest and tell you that I've never even stepped foot on the playground in our neighborhood. Remember, I have the $20,000 swingset in my own backyard so maybe I'm out of line to have an opinion about the latest goings on in our neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

Well said, Jen. There are way more important things going on right now.

Tracy Wilson - civilian

Nikki said...

Well said girl....and from a republican too!! Just kidding sweetie, you're right though. Way to keep a reality check. Print a mapquest directions sheet to the nearest park and stick it on their mailboxes, lol!

AMANDA said...

Some people have no idea how to get their priorities in order! If the most important thing to them is a new playground, they need to get their heads out of the sand and look at the rest of the families in America who are barely keeping their heads above water. I guess this soapbox stuff is contagious.

Grammy said...

I took Bailey & Maverick to that playground when I was there and Bailey's favorite thing about it was that it covers an entire block, with the swings, etc. in the middle. He ran and ran in a huge circle around the entire block over and over. Compared to being in the backyard, I guess that seemed like total freedom to him.

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