Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Rough Housing

Our rough housing days have begun. I'm anxiously awaiting lots of broken objects from the antics of these two crazy boys and their daddy.


GE is me said...

Girl, if your rough housing days have just begun, you're doing great! You should see my girls & their daddy! He throws them around all the time; on the couch, on our bed, on their bed, etc.
In fact, not sure how it happened, but 1 of them broke a mirror today. No one got hurt, just the mirror. Some days I just have to remember they are only 3!!!!!

Pegsy said...

Great video! My kids LOVE to "wrestle" with Daddy! And of course, it always happens right before bed, so that they get all riled up and crazy! Sigh... :-) So far, no broken furniture, but Joshua has sustained a few minors injuries!

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