Friday, November 7, 2008


If my life were a dry erase board, I would totally erase the past 24 hours. It's just been truly crazy! Probably not that crazy, but to me I thought the madness would never end. I'm not sure that it has, but we'll see.

Our Thursday afternoon, post Mother's Day Out/Work, ritual has been stopping at Sonic for happy hour drinks. We've done this for months and yesterday may have been our last trip! Maverick always drops his styrofoam cup and it explodes and yesterday was no different. After cleaning that up and putting what was left in a different cup, I noticed that there was something wet on the coffee table and floor surrounding the table. From what I can tell, Bailey's cup got dropped, too. It was just leaking a little, but enough for Maverick to have spread it into a big mess. I put Bailey's cup inside a measuring cup and thought he could just hold the measuring cup with cup inside and drink. NO! Not an option in his mind! A few minutes later, he took the cup out of the measuring cup and dropped it again, sending an apple juice slush explosion all over the kitchen floor. None of this would've been as huge of a deal except Thursday is piano lesson day and I spend a good bit of the afternoon straightening up for my students to get here. Cleaning up 3 apple juice slush spills just wasn't in the plans!

Fast forward about 4 hours - - I'm baking cranberry bread to take to MOPS this morning. When I went to pick up the vegetable oil bottle, I grabbed it by the cap that I hadn't screwed on and vegetable oil covered the counter! I've wiped it and sprayed it and there's still a sheen on that one part of the counter!

Fast forward about 12 hours to this morning - - Friday is cleaning lady day. Today was a MOPS morning as well so that makes things a little hectic trying to pick her up and then get to MOPS on time. I picked her up and brought her back to the gate where we have to give our IDs to the security guy. We've been doing this for 6 months and no one has ever said a word about my cleaning lady's visa from across the border. Today's security guy questioned me and asked what she was coming for and asked me if I payed her for her services. Apparently I'm breaking the law! He even threatened to report us to the border patrol - me and LT. He offered to call someone and have them explain this further to me. No thanks. I got the message loud and clear so I turned around and took my cleaning lady back to the bus stop. If I weren't an honest person, I could've lied to him and probably been fine.

Looks like I've lost 2 of my favorite things in life this week - my weekly diet cherry dr. pepper from Sonic and my cleaning lady!


Jen Dub-ya said...

girl---so sorry - I know your passion for both! I'll be talking to the hubba-bubba about my ticket in holding and if the stars align, I'll buy you alone happy hour treats and scrub your toilets, too. Bless it all!!! Do you ever just feel like you don't have a normal speaking voice any more when it comes to the kiddos?

Emily Jennings said...

I have had the same experience with the stupid sonic cups and (although I haven't gone in a while) I tell my kids, sorry, this is a mommy treat today.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, what can I say except I'll be praying for you!!! Sherri

Pegsy said...

What a day! Don't give up your Sonic drinks! I agree with Emily - sometimes it's just Mommy's treat. I do that all the time when I stop at Starbucks. Otherwise, it's not only expensive, but messy. could just not let the boys have their drinks until you get home and transfer them to something a little more stable. They might scream the first time, but they would soon get used to it... :-)

Here's hoping your weekend is less messy!

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