Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Tour of Homes 2008


I've never done this before, but decided this year to participate in boomama's Christmas Tour of Homes. You'll have to go check out all the other homes! Some are much more elaborate than I have the energy for these days. So here are pictures from my world.

Here's my blue and silver tree. It's lacking some pizzazz this year, but I have a whole box of ornaments that I didn't put on the tree because I figured the fewer available to break, the fewer that would get broken.
This is my dining room table. I actually just got some new candle holders as a gift yesterday that might get put on the table before the end of the season!

These are my outside Singing Mice that my mom and stepdad made for us. We just got Maverick's mouse in the mail a few weeks ago so the mice family is complete until May. I guess Kirby will be cutting and painting a new mice for us by next Christmas!

This is the wreath I have hanging on my front door. I bought this ribbon to use as decoration at our Christmas wedding that turned into an August wedding. It's come in handy for Christmas decorating. I still have about 4 or 5 rolls of it that have never been touched! Somehow this wreath has survived 3 moves!

This is the top of my cabinets in the kitchen. Last year I put garland all throughout this display, but this year I haven't gotten the garland out of the box! I've started a collection of Army Soldier nutcrackers so if you ever see a nutcracker clad as an Army Soldier let me know where to look!

Hope you enjoyed this tour of my minimal Christmas decorations this year. I WILL be shopping for some new stuff on December 26th!


mommagurl32 said...

Love the singing mice. Maybe I can convince my husband to do something like that for me next year. I love personalized stuff!

ohhollyf said...

I like how you tree is white & blue, nice touch. Merry Christmas, Holly

Jamie lea said...

I love it all but my favorite part would be the top of your cabinets, everything looks wonderful

Kim@ForeverWherever said...

Your home is beautiful! I have blue ornaments them!
Merry Christmas@

GE is me said...

Love the winter blog look! :) Saw Boomama's Christmas tour on bring the rain -Angie Smith's blog, but only saw Boomama's house. Didn't realize it was a virtual tour. All we have is our little Christmas tree.
Hope all is going well in pregnancy land. Had a nice comment from your mom on my blog. She cracks me up. :)

MOMMY said...

The kitchen idea is great!! My daughter wanted to put garland up on our cabinets this year but we never got around to it-oh well there is always next year! I will be out on the 26th looking for new things too.


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