Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ikea for Groceries

The one thing I greatly dislike about El Paso is our lack of good grocery stores! There's a Walmart Supercenter on every corner and an Albertson's around the block from every Walmart and that's about it! I shouldn't really complain. I can and do shop at our neighborhood Commissary, but I know there are better ways to grocery shop than what we have here!

There aren't any stores in El Paso that regularly offer double or triple coupons so I've decided the value of couponing here is pretty much zero! There isn't a store here where you can call in your grocery order or do it online and just go pick up the groceries. There just aren't any options.
We all know options are necessary for those of us who often have to go to the grocery store with kids in tow. Yesterday was one of my "I'll never bring the kids to the store with me again experiences."

We got to the Commissary and I parked strategically next to a car shaped buggy because I knew this would at least please Bailey. The major downfall with the car shaped buggy is that both children have to sit side by side. Can someone please design a buggy with 2 separate car compartments that are completely out of arms reach for those riding in said compartments?

I honestly don't remember what happened first, but we were about finished with our produce shopping, the first stop on the tour, when something happened with my 2 car drivers that made me say "Okay, we're going home." I started going toward the front of the store when something inside of me said "give them some grace." So we had a little talk. You know the line "One more chance and we're leaving the grocery store for real and going home isn't going to be any fun." Okay, maybe I'm the only one who says such things to my children!

We managed to make it down another aisle and I thwarted a major incident in the cooking oil section. Just imagine tiny hands reaching toward the glass bottles of Olive Oil. Picture me saying "Get your hands off that. Stop!!!" Before long, Maverick started pulling Bailey's hair and grabbing his shirt. Bailey's of course going nuts! This was when I finally said, "We're going home!"

So now we have some fruit and vegetables, a couple of bottles of BBQ sauce, a 24 pack of Coke Zero (only because it was on display right as we walked into the store), pudding and a couple of packets of Chili Seasoning! Hungry, anyone?

Once again, I can be quoted as saying, "Never again will I take my children to the grocery store!!!" Never say Never, right?

I did squeeze in a few groceries at a brief trip to Target yesterday afternoon and was able to snag enough to get us through 2 events I have tomorrow that require food by piggybacking the purchase of a few groceries with a work related trip to one of the Walmart Supercenters, where no one spoke English.

My conclusion is that someone needs to operate a grocery store sort of like Ikea does. As soon as you walk in the main entrance, there's a big play area for children, complete with security check-in! You drop your kids off to play while you have a peaceful grocery shopping trip, free from all the antics and drama that come from even attempting grocery shopping with small children in tow. Anybody wanna go in the grocery store business with me?


Karen @Snakes-Snails-Puppydogtails said...

OOOO I LOVE IT!! When you start one I'll open one up here.. franchise already!! They also need a drive through post office!!

GE is me said...

Nice! Jen, I just threaten my girls. If they can't behave in the car next to each other, then one of them will have to sit up by me. -no fun. Actually my girls are at the point where they can unbuckle & get out of the car-so they are usually precariously hanging out any open hole they can &/or getting in & out of the car if I stop for too long of time.
Feel your pain sista'!

Jenny said...

Hey Jen! I have had many moments where I have had the "I am never going to bring my children" again speech in my head. Guess what?! They do make grocery stores with drop off play areas, they are in the north. Wegmans and Tops both have a "playplace" in the front of the store and you can drop them off and shop with peace and quiet. Now why don't those stores move down south and out west?!

Hope you are all doing well!

Pegsy said...

IKEA is definitely a child friendly place, isn't it?! They even have free diapers in all the bathrooms in case you forget! And baby food jars in the cafeteria line! And of course, the play area... There was a grocery store in Calgary that had a play place where you could drop off your kids to play and do crafts, even! (They have to be potty-trained.) I never went there, though, because their groceries were the most expensive in town.

Have you tried letting Bailey walk and help you put stuff in the cart?

AMANDA said...

There is a grocery store in SC that has that- Kroger's in Columbia. Unfortunately, my kids were too young to use it when we lived there. What I wouldn't give for one now- Ella can sometimes make a nun curse!!!

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