Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Belated Christmas

We've had a few days of excitement here at the Wade house and I'm not sure the Christmas mess will ever be cleaned up. Maybe after LT is in the Middle East, I'll be able to do some serious cleaning and find a place for all of the new things the boys got for Christmas.

LT's parents have been here since last Monday so we've been busy playing with the kids and trying to get everything ready for Christmas day. I'll have to do another post about all the food I've cooked this week. I have officially declared a cooking strike at least for a few more days!

Here are a few pictures Christmas eve and Christmas.

The first one is a family picture we took after the Christmas Eve service at FBCep. I've about come to the conclusion that this will be about as good as it gets. I'm long overdue for a haircut so obviously I think my hair looks disgusting! At least we're all looking in the general direction of the camera. If you get a MLK day card/letter from us, you may see this picture again :o)

This is Bailey enjoying the train that goes around the tree at the church. Don't tell Juan that Uncle Josh and LT figured out how to turn it off and on. Bailey told me he wanted his picture taken and was saying cheese, but he was more interested in looking at the train than the camera! Imagine it!

Here's Maverick enjoying the train, too. He would sit and watch this thing for hours! We really do have to drag him away from it kicking and screaming, unless he's in the mood to just walk away saying "Bye, train."

Finally, one from Christmas day. I'm sure I'm not the only one to experience it, but we go through a lot of trouble to buy the boys nice things like bikes and the gift they get most excited about is the $1.07 cheap train that I bought at the PX on Christmas Eve just as an extra little filler gift! I've never even put the batteries in them, but you would think these things were made of gold. I had to immediately open Maverick's to prevent a brawl over the cheap, junky trains! Their other favorite gifts were the $1.50 flashlights I put in their stockings. I think Bailey's sleeping with his as I type.

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Nikki said...

Isn't that the darn spend hundreds on the latest gadgets and gizmos, but what they love the most comes from the doggone "dollar" bins at Target. I think it is a kid conspiracy that the wee ones work out amongst themselves! Miss ya girl!

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