Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Version of Holiday Baking

Even though I sometimes have good intentions of doing the things we did as children like making cookies for our neighbors and delivering them on a pretty Christmassy plate, I've come to the conclusion that somehow I'm not quite the multitasker my mother is or was! I can multitask, but I seem to have to be a little more picky about the tasks I'm multying nowadays.

Tonight we're having some friends over - I referred to them as LT's friends and was quickly told that they are 'our' friends. Nonetheless, they're all people we wouldn't know except that LT works with them. I have tortilla soup heating in the crock pot, a pack of velveeta and rotel waiting to go in the little crock pot, taquitos in the freezer waiting to go in the oven, and chips and salsa waiting to be opened. I also made a batch of a yummy peanut butter and chocolate treat. Sounds like good eats to me!

One of my all time favorite treats as a kid was Tiger Butter at the candy kiosk in the Richland Mall. It was a soft fudgy, peanut buttery delight! We all know how much I love the combo of peanut butter and chocolate! Every time I share one of these little secrets about myself I'm reminded why I was always a pudgy kid. I digress...I've searched for Tiger Butter recipes and have found a few that look like they could be a match, but then I saw this recipe for Tiger Bark at Lynn's Kitchen. I had to try it! It's very simple and mine turned out quite tasty, but I'll have to do it a few more times to perfect my evenly spreading of the white chocolate peanut butter mixture on my foil lined pan. One side of my first batch is a little thin compared to the other! My broken pieces also didn't turn out as pretty as Lynn's did, either. Everything that tastes good doesn't always look good, right?

Microwave baking really is a great thing. However, even though I have nice little bags to put treats in for my neighbors, they won't be receiving any Tiger Butter or any other baked good from me before Christmas. Maybe it'll be a MLK Day delivery :o) Kind of like my Christmas Letter!

This is my finished Tiger Bark product, take 1.


Grammy said...

By the time we were making treats for the neighbors, you and Todd were actually old enough to help. Give the boys a few more years and they will be out delivering cookies to the whole neighborhood too. I think some of the treats were bought and put on plates. We only had to bake some to make the others look homemade.

Pegsy said...

LOL! Love the comment from Grammy! Confessions from mom are always good to hear, eh? :-)

That Tiger Bark looks so good! Your next post needs to be the recipe - I'm all about "easy" right now too! Oh, and when I come to El Paso in April, can I come over for the exact same meal you're making for tonight? My mouth is watering just reading about it!

geisme said...

Totally not related to your post, although the tiger bark does look yummy. Noticed you are about 1/2 way through- are you going to find out the sex of the baby? Hope the pregnancy is going well.

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