Monday, January 26, 2009

Not Funny At The Time

I'm single parenting for a few days this week. I'm calling it my 'dress rehearsal' for the real thing! So far we're all still alive, but I'm thinking I might need some serious blood pressure medication before it's all said and done.

We were having a great morning today. Mornings as a single parent aren't much different than the mornings of our dual parent household. I managed to have us all ready to go before 9 am because that was my goal. I had to stop and get some sausage mcmuffin's to take to a meeting, which reminds me, there's still one in my purse....So I knew we needed to get out of the house by at least 8:45!

As I was preparing my own bag to walk out the door, Maverick, the angel, started begging for a drink. I told him no and that he would be getting one soon when he had his snack at school. He wasn't very happy about that answer or me shutting the refrigerator door in his face. His response was throwing his sippy cup and hitting Bailey square in the nose. (I can laugh at this all now. It was so not funny at the time.)

Bailey started crying. I'm sure it hurt. The cup came at him from point blank range. Now, I'm all frazzled and just trying to get out the door before something or someone else explodes! I give Maverick the appropriate discipline for the moment and started forcing everyone out the door. Bailey did exactly what he's supposed to do. Maverick, on the other hand, started his typical morning stall tactics except today, he decided to put himself in time out (sitting on the bottom step). That was a good choice, but there was no time for that under our time constraint.

I got Bailey strapped into the car and came back inside to get Maverick. As soon as I got him strapped in, I was ready to go. After I got to church, I realized that I left my bag sitting in the kitchen. I felt like a kid who had left my homework at home! I went to 2 different meetings without my calendar and thankfully I got myself a drink at Mickey D's when I got the sausage mcmuffins or I wouldn't have had a drink all day.

I've told this story at least twice today and every time I have cracked up laughing because this is so my life! It doesn't seem to matter how prepared I get myself for what's going to happen, I can never prepare myself for what the boys are going to do and the effect that's going to have on the preparation I did do!

I also forgot my grocery list and coupons when I left this morning. I planned to do that quick trip before I picked up the boys. Instead, I had to take them with me. The snowball just never seemed to stop rolling down the hill today!

I'll post about my grocery trip experience tomorrow after I've finished
grocery gaming for the week. It was its own adventure!


Pegsy said...

I'm laughing with you!! What a day! I'm right there with you, girl. And my kids are older! Someday I'll have my head on straight again! Yeah...right...

Grammy said...

Remember me driving you to school in a robe & slippers? My day started after you were dropped off. Can they go to CDC earlier? It worked for me. That five mile trip back to the quiet house was well worth it.

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