Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Playing the Game Week 2

I've completed week #2 of my Grocery Gaming and have fairly decent results. I'm not sure if I'm doing it completely right and I think it's still fairly early to know if I'm going to be successful at this little venture.

One of my issues is the most conveniently located grocery store on my 'list' has provided nightmare experiences every time I've been there. It didn't help this week that I had the boys with me. Taking them to the grocery store is a nightmare in itself. Yesterday, they overcharged me for the exact same item they overcharged me for last week so I had to go to customer service to have them fix the price. This time, the nice girl refunded my money and didn't charge me the correct price at all, citing some sort of accurate pricing policy or something like that. So I technically got 2 Atkins Bars for -$1.00. I had used a $1.00 coupon for them! That didn't end up being all that terrible, but she handed me cash back and I didn't have time to stick it down in my purse before I got to the car.

As I'm getting to the car, a peddler/homeless person, approached me and my 2 boys begging for money. I gave him my change, but not the cash in my hand. Some would probably say I was being greedy, but when you walk out of the grocery store with your 2 small children and you notice at least 3 different people walking through the parking lot begging for money from the customers and one of them has the audacity to approach a pregnant woman with 2 small children in her cart, I just have a problem with that. Talk about feeling extremely vulnerable! To some degree I hold the store responsible because I think they have an obligation to their customers to make the whole shopping experience pleasant and safe. There's another one of these grocery stores closer to the church that I've been to several times without any issues. Next week, I'll have to go there for my weekly grocery trip.

As far as my savings this week, I saved 42% off the original shelf price of my items at the grocery store. At Walgreens, I saved 56% off the shelf price for my items. That percentage includes $2 in register rewards and about $11 in Easy Saver Rebates that I submitted this afternoon.

I'm going to give it a few more weeks to figure out if the savings is going to be worth my while. I'm also checking into the price of subscribing by mail to a newspaper on the east coast like the Charlotte Observer because apparently the coupon offerings can vary from region to region. I've noticed several times my list has said there was a coupon for a certain item that didn't show up in the coupon inserts in my paper. After a little bit of research, I think I've determined it's a regional coupon insert issue.

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