Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Today I'm Thankful for:

1) Our warranty on the Kia that covered whatever was making 3 lights on the dashboard come on and stay on. It was nice to sign a $0 invoice!

2) Lunch with some great girl friends today. I'm advocating a monthly lunch bunch.

3) Anticipating a few childless hours tomorrow thanks to a very kind and generous friend!

4) It's CSI night, I hope!

5) Baby heartburn is kicking in. I should be thankful for that, right? All of my children have been born with hair so I guess Jenna Beth is going to have hair, too.

6) Enjoying a good laugh or two or three...You never know what the topic of conversation will be when a certain couple are in the group.

7) Only about 48 more hours of single parenting until the vacation begins.

8) I'm almost completely over my cold or whatever I have had for the past few days.

9) Hugs and kisses from Bailey and Maverick

10) The Auto-Save function on Blogger that saved my list when Bailey closed Internet Explorer while I walked away from the computer. He doesn't understand his computer boundaries!


Pegsy said...

Yay for warranties! I love the Auto-Save function as well - it's my husband who usually closes my window when I'm in the middle of a post! Although, tonight it quit working and I so nervous it wouldn't post...but, it did!

Nikki said...

So she has a name....Jenna Beth Wade, love it. So those monogrammed items I love so much would be accurate, right??

Ainsley said...

Yay for pregnancy heartburn! I've been getting this, too, and am already over it! Just one of the many ways we suffer for our little peanuts, I guess;)

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