Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mommy Where Are You?

A couple of weeks ago, we were just hanging out at the house when I heard Maverick say over and over again "Mommy where are you?" When I went to find him, I saw his head peaking through the protective railing upstairs. He had pulled a rocking chair and a big stuffed horse out of his bedroom to stand on so that he could look over. He's the reason they they had to come back and install this Brady Bunch looking railing in all of these houses! Bailey later joined in on the fun. We've had to put an end to this fun adventure because they have left big red marks on the wall from the rocking chair and the fact that one of them is likely to fall off of their prop and injure themselves.


Pegsy said...

Silly little monkeys! Why is it that kids always pick the most unstable things to stand on?!

GE is me said...

Jen, you are either going to find your baby girl a gazillion times easier than the boys; she will be a tomboy(because of 2 older brothers); or you will find she's girl whiny. What a huge change coming up. Praying for y'all, in all ways.

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