Saturday, February 28, 2009

Random Things

Since I've been somewhat absent from blogworld lately, I thought I'd do a quick post with some snippets of what's been happening in our neck of the woods.

I believe Bailey is officially 100% potty trained! I never thought it would happen, but in the past couple of weeks, he's decided that pooping on the potty isn't so bad. In fact, he often does it and doesn't even tell me he needs to. He'll come and get me afterward to let me look at it and give him a high 5.

After several months of being without the remote for the van, I finally got the remote replaced yesterday. It was such a delight to hear that 'beep' as I locked the door when I walked into Chick Fil A last night. The funny thing is that after locking the doors from the inside for so long, I almost do it instinctively so I guess I'll have to retrain myself how to lock the car!

We spent the last 24 hours without cable - hence no Aloha Friday yesterday. It really was miserable and today I put in Sound of Music to watch since there wasn't anything else that could be watched unless it was made by Dreamworks or Disney and I had enough of that yesteray! Cable has obviously been restored. It was a weird outage because mine was out and a friend who lives in Fort Bliss housing, but not on main post. There's lots of construction going on in both places so that's the only thing we can figure might have caused both of us to lose cable at the same time.

I need to come up with some Saturday outings for me and the boys. Saturdays are very long days and I've not left the house today and am definitely a little stir crazy. However, my house is fairly clean and there isn't any dirty laundry other than what we wore today and what we have on. Maybe staying home isn't so bad!


Beth Bailey said...

Yay for Bailey!!! That's wonderful news!!

Pegsy said...

Isn't is a nice feeling to get caught up on laundry like that?! It doesn't happen very often at my house, but occasionally I get to experience that feeling! And congratulations to Bailey!!

Psst! Check my blog... There's a surprise for you!

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