Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Today, I'm thankful for...

1) A great lunch with friends at the Greenery.

2) A wonderful babysitter that is available at the very last minute.

3) Seeing the boys be very excited when the babysitter shows up at the door.

4) Hanging out with Bailey watching CSI. I think the only thing he grasps is that people get hurt.

5) Buy one get one free deals on baby girl clothes at Macy's.

6) Growing to love my new haircut.

7) Perfect weather - low 80's - in February!

8) Hopefully going tomorrow to get my other Vera purchase approved by LT.

9) Enjoying a relatively clean house. The bed's even made.

10) Hearing Bailey randomly break into songs we sing at Mother's Day Out.


Anonymous said...

It makes me feel good you have a wonderful dependable babysitter. Love you and miss you!!!


Nikki said...

Hey....I wanna see pics of the new haircut!!! Please post!

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