Friday, April 24, 2009

Aloha Friday #12

Welcome to this week’s edition of Aloha Friday.

In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too. Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response.

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I'm 15 days from my due date and my big dilemma is buying a new infant car seat! The Graco Snugride we have from the boys has a defunct handle - always has and we just sucked it up. This time I'm determined to get a new infant car seat. I've considered just getting another convertible car seat and forgoing the infant car seat, but the convenience of having the ability to pop the carrier in and out of the car and to pop it onto the stroller are what are driving me back to just getting another infant car seat.

So the question for today is....

What kind of infant car seat did you have/do you use?
What do you like or not like about it?


The McGriff's said...

We have the Graco snugride and that is what I use. I wanted to try our convertible seat we have in the closet but it doesn't fit in the rear facing position if it is reclined enough. I wish I would have just got the Combi seat/stroller because I just got a combi stroller and love it!! I am still considering getting the Combi carseat and selling our Graco set but we only have about 8 more months until we can use that convertible seat.

BTW - I got the coupons yesterday!! Thank you!!!!!

Storm said...

I wish I could help you but its been 8 years since I needed an infant seat so I honestly don't know what brand I had. I do know that the car base, car seat, and stroller all worked together.

Anonymous said...

I won't be any help to you on this one sweetie! My "babies" are 30 and 28 and we have no grandchildren yet so there isn't much I could suggest.

Grammy said...

Back in the day, you kids stood on the seat beside me while I was driving. Your car seat was me putting my hand out if I had to slow down or stop fast!! I do remember putting you and your infant seat in the floor of the car a few times. I actually have a picture of you in a car seat someone gave me. You were in the living room floor. I think I did use it a few times, though.

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